At Lundberg Family Farms, our definition of family extends far beyond “family-owned.” It is a founding philosophy that means we take care of each other. For more than eighty years and four generations, we have catered to a need for healthy, safe, great-tasting food. So when COVID-19 hit—disrupting supply chains, threatening livelihoods, and intensifying food insecurity—we doubled down on our efforts to put food on tables by donating 400,000 lbs. of rice and quinoa products to food banks.

Mother and Daughter Cooking Family Recipe
Handed-down recipes

We believe every family deserves access to a wholesome meal—no matter the circumstances. Because nourishment is not only a necessity for our health; it is an integral part of our wellbeing. Over the years, we have witnessed the power of food. To gather families around tables. To provide comfort in times of uncertainty. To start conversations and sweeten celebrations. To connect generations through handed-down recipes.

Never has the relationship between food, people, places, and moments in time been more apparent than during the past several months, when our contact with people, access to places, and sense of time have been limited by COVID-19. In an interview with NPR, former New York Times food editor Sam Sifton calls the revival of family meals one of the “precious few good things” happening as a result of the pandemic. “A lot of us are really experiencing the joys of eating together with family regularly,” he says. “For me, it's been kind of joyful amid all the sorrow."

So to honor the people-bonding power of food, we have launched a social media campaign called The Lundberg Family Table. Through it, we are filling a menu (or, in this case, a website) with recipes from families across the country by inviting influencers and followers to share a favorite family recipe—whether it is generations-old, part of an annual tradition, or simply brings back delicious memories. We would love for you to take a seat at the table by following along on Instagram and Facebook, or even sharing a recipe of your own—a photo of the dish, recipe card, or handwritten instructions will do—with the hashtag #LundbergFamilyTable. It doesn’t even have to include Lundberg rice, organic rice, or any rice at all!

In the meantime, grab a chair and gather ‘round because we are serving up a few of our favorite recipes from the #LundbergFamilyTable…


Grant Lundberg – CEO, Lundberg Family Farms

Grant Lundberg and his mother, Ruth Old Fashioned Rice Pudding

Grant Lundberg and his mother, Ruth enjoying rice pudding

You know what they say: “Life is uncertain… eat dessert first!” And if our four recipes (Easy Coconut Rice Pudding, Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding, Lemon Blueberry Rice Pudding, and Peaches & Cream Rice Pudding Pops) are any indication, rice pudding is a staple in our family. We are especially sweet on this recipe for Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding. Unlike most rice pudding recipes, it calls for organic short grain brown rice instead of Arborio rice, which is one of the few varieties we grew when CEO Grant Lundberg was a kid. During the holiday season, Grant’s mom would bake a little charm inside the rice pudding, and whoever found it hidden in their dish would win a prize! But the rice pudding itself—sprinkled with cardamom and served with whipped cream—was prize enough. To this day, it takes Grant back to time spent at his family’s table.


Yumna Jawad – Feel Good Foodie

Stuffed Eggplant-Feel Good Foodie-square
Stuffed Eggplant

Craving a savory way of cooking brown rice? Yumna’s recipe for Stuffed Eggplant with spiced beef and organic short grain brown rice is not only full of Mediterranean flavor—it’s also a family heirloom, passed down by her parents and enjoyed over generations. Take a page out of our cookbook and bookmark her blog, Feel Good Foodie, which is “rooted in the belief that food should be nutritious, wholesome, and make you feel good.” Not to mention the fact that it’s chock full of delicious recipes for the whole family—just like this one!


Ashley K. – Sustainability Specialist, Lundberg Family Farms

Sushi Burgers
Sushi Burgers

Hungry for a creative sushi rice recipe? Look no further because Sushi Burgers are a favorite in Sustainability Specialist Ashley Koller’s household. Just top organic sushi rice with Beyond Burger patties, pickled cucumber salad, avocado, and a kick of Siracha for a gluten-free meal that is fun to make AND eat!


Jenné Claiborne – Sweet Potato Soul

Vegan Thai Curry
Vegan Thai Curry

Jenné was just a kid when she “fell in love with the strong flavors, bright colors, thrilling spiciness, and freshness of Thai food.” Her family’s favorite Thai restaurant was like a second home, at 12 years old she prepared a Thai-inspired Thanksgiving dinner, and in 2011 she spent two months in Thailand learning to make Thai curries. Suffice it to say, her recipe for Vegan Thai Green Curry—which pairs buttery organic white jasmine rice with Thai basil and eggplant fresh from the farmers market—is every bit as delicious as the memories it captures. Whether you are strictly vegan, vegan-curious, or simply a fan of food that is good for your health, heart, and soul in equal measure—head on over to Sweet Potato Soul and start cookin’!


Ali Rosen – Potluck with Ali

Wild Blend with Cherries and Almonds
Wild Blend with Cherries and Almonds

For our friend Ali Rosen, Lundberg Wild Blend Rice always reminds her of time spent with her mother-in-law, trading recipe ideas and inspiration. In the fall, Ali’s mother-in-law used to make a version of wild rice with sage and dried cherries. To make it her own, Ali swapped the sage for almonds and basil—yum!


Laurel Perry – Darn Good Veggies

Sweet & Sour Tofu
Sweet & Sour Tofu

Since every family loves takeout now and again, Laurel Perry of Darn Good Veggies cooked up a Sweet & Sour Chicken takeout fakeout with crispy, pan-seared tofu, pineapple, bell peppers, onions, and organic brown jasmine rice. Check out her blog for a bumper crop of delicious, veggie-packed recipes the whole family will crave!


Kelly Nardo – Eat the Gains

Arroz Verde
Arroz Verde

Organic white rice is a staple in fitness coach and blogger Kelly Nardo’s household. To brighten your plate with a double-dose of color and flavor, try her recipe for Arroz Verde, or green rice, in which organic long grain white rice gets its hue from a purée of jalapeños, poblano peppers, cilantro, parsley, onion, and garlic, with broth.


Every family has a dish or two that ties generations together. What’s yours? Join us by sharing a photo of your favorite family recipe by tagging it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #LundbergFamilyTable. And please visit Feeding America to find out how to support your local food bank so together, we can provide comfort in the form of a wholesome meal.

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