We’ve got a story that goes over 80 years deep, plus we’re making history every day as we continue to invent and cultivate new ways to farm and produce food sustainably. Get in touch with us at media@lundberg.com.

Company History

For four generations, our family has been growing quality, delicious rice while tending to soil, air, water, and wildlife as carefully as our crops. Our founding fore-farmers, Albert and Frances Lundberg, left Nebraska in the wake of the Dust Bowl. They saw how short-sighted farming techniques stripped the land of its topsoil, which produces up to 95% of the world’s food. So, when they moved to California, Albert and Frances decided to do things differently. To leave the land better than they found it.

Today, we continue to follow in Albert and Frances’s footsteps by cultivating organic and regenerative rice farming practices that build healthy soil, support biodiversity, and increase carbon capture. But our farming practices are only the beginning. We also collect, sort, and recycle just about everything on site (99.7% to be exact); power and offset our manufacturing facilities with 100% renewable energy (for 19 years running); and rescue ducklings (30,000 and counting).

We believe doing things the right way—sustainably at every step—allows us to make better food for the table while leaving a better world for the next generation so we can keep growing together for generations to come.