At Lundberg Family Farms, we believe in the people-bonding power of food to gather families around tables, start conversations, sweeten celebrations, and connect generations. Like any family, we have our traditions, including recipes that have been passed down and perfected from one generation to the next. So in the spirit of the season—of giving and gourmet eating—we’re sharing some of our family’s favorite recipes, plus some tips and tricks to make your holidays delicious!

Holiday Rice Hacks

Father and Daughter cooking together

Enlist a Holiday Helper

The secret ingredient in any holiday dish? Family. Whether you re cooking generations-old recipes or creating something new, we suggest you enlist a “sous-chef” to make memories as delicious as your meals. ⁠

‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Ingredients

To make your holiday rice feel extra festive, try using fall ingredients. We recommend hearty herbs like sage and rosemary. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with pumpkin or butternut squash!

Pumpkin Spice Rice (Really)

Wondering how to cook brown rice with a holiday twist? Well, pumpkin spice blends are everywhere this time of year, and they're not just for lattes. Two teaspoons of pumpkin spice blend (plus a little olive oil) will add fall flavor and gourmet flair to Organic Short Grain Brown Rice!

Short on Time?

Swap organic brown rice for organic white rice, which cooks in about half the time. Or use our ready to heat microwavable rice options, which are perfectly prepped, warming up tender, fragrant, and ready in minutes! Making risotto? Our boxed risotto mixes cook in 20 minutes and come in a variety of flavors so you can mix and match with whatever you’re serving!

Holiday Recipes

Craving a full menu of holiday flavors from starters to leftovers? Let’s get cooking!

Starters & Snacks

Lundberg White Cheddar Rice Cake Minis are used to create a festive holiday charcuterie board.

White Cheddar Charcuterie

Say cheese! Our White Cheddar Rice Cake Minis add whole grain, savory flavor to your favorite charcuterie board pairings. Plus, they’re organic, gluten-free, and crafted from seed to smile for lip-smacking, fun snacking—this holiday season and all year round!

Cheesy Pesto Arancini made with Lundberg Arborio Rice.

Cheesy Pesto Arancini

Hungry for a tasty “present” to serve at your holiday soirée? Try wrapping pesto and cheese in Lundberg Arborio Rice. Then coat in breadcrumbs and fry for a festive take on arancini the whole family will enjoy making and eating.

Creamy Parmesan Arancini made with Lundberg Creamy Parmesan Risotto.

Creamy Parmesan Arancini

Our Organic Creamy Parmesan Risotto also makes for irresistibly crisp and creamy arancini! Just add grated parmesan and sea salt to the risotto, roll into spheres, coat in breadcrumbs, and fry. Easy cheesy!

Sweet Potato Dip with Pecans and Bacon and served with Lundberg Sea Salt Brown Rice Chips

Sweet Potato Dip with Toasted Pecans & Bacon

Sweet potatoes, pecans, and bacon—oh my! For a decadent dip that pairs perfectly with our Sea Salt Brown Rice Chips, simply bake sweet potatoes, shallots, and herbs. Then purée with sour cream, stir in some bacon, top with toasted pecans, and dip in!

Smoked Gouda Beer Cheese Dip served with Lundberg Santa Fe Barbecue Brown Rice Chips

Smoked Gouda Beer Cheese Dip

This gouda cheese dip is easy to make and hard to resist—almost too gouda to be true! Just toss everything but the beer into a food processor and pulse until well mixed. Then slowly add the beer until the mixture is a smooth purée. Transfer to a bowl and chill (or bake for 15-20 minutes) and serve with our Santa Fe Barbecue Lundberg Rice Chips!

Lundberg Rice Cake Minis

Apple Pie Rice Cake Minis

For a taste of the holidays wherever you travel, try our Apple Pie Rice Cake Minis! They’re made with organic brown rice and tumbled in the sweet spice of apples and cinnamon, with notes of yummy butter and maple sugar. Plus, they’re packed with whole grains to hold you (and your family!) over until the holiday meal. Isn’t that sweet?

p.s. For an extra helping of inspiration, skip the gourmet granola and crumble Apple Pie Rice Cake Minis atop your favorite overnight oats or rice porridge recipe!

Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes with festive frosting for the holidays

Rice Cake Snack-tivity

Craving a sweet snack-tivity without the sugar rush (or crash)? Grab some whole-grain Lundberg Rice Cakes, whip up some frosting, and get decorating!

Sides & Entrees

Fall Wild Blend Rice Salad made with Lundberg Wild Blend Rice

Fall Wild Blend Salad

Here’s a recipe to “fall” back on when the holidays get busy. Just combine whole-grain Lundberg Wild Blend Rice with diced oranges, cranberries, almonds, goat cheese, kale, and a super simple maple-mustard vinaigrette.

Rice, Apple & Sausage Stuffing made with Lundberg Organic Long Grain Brown Rice

Rice, Apple & Sausage Stuffing

Our favorite holiday dish? There’s only one answer when this recipe’s on the table: Pass the stuffing! This irresistibly delicious dish is bursting with bright fall flavors thanks to in-season squash, crisp Granny Smith apples, spicy chorizo sausage, and the whole grain goodness of Organic Long Grain Brown Rice.

Red Jasmine and Ginger Pilaf made with Lundberg Organic California Red Jasmine Rice

Red Jasmine & Ginger Pilaf

Red-y for rice pilaf? This recipe is packed with color and flavor thanks to our Organic California Red Jasmine Rice, roasted red bell pepper puree, and a hint of gingery heat. Accented by green onions and peas, it’s practically color coordinated for Christmas. Plus, it’s full of whole grains!

Pomegranate & Pistachio Rice Pilaf made with Lundberg Organic California White Basmati Rice

Pomegranate & Pistachio Rice Pilaf

This rice pilaf is fit for a party and Organic California White Basmati is first on the guest list! Dress it up with pomegranate, pistachios, cranberries, and green peas—plus a boost of protein from grilled halloumi—for an unexpectedly decadent vegetarian dish.

Pumpkin Butter Chive Risotto made with Lundberg Arborio Rice

Pumpkin Butter & Sage Risotto

Fried sage and toasted pecans or pumpkin seeds make festive toppings for pumpkin risotto made from our creamy Arborio Rice, or risotto rice. Once cooked, simply stir in some pumpkin purée and garnish as desired! Need a shortcut to delicious? Try the same toppings with our Butternut Squash Risotto, which is table-ready in 20 minutes. Just sauté, stir, simmer, serve, and soak up the compliments!

Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Beet and Goat Cheese

Beet & Goat Cheese Risotto

Our 20-minute risottos are quick, easy, and endlessly customizable—whether you’re a seasoned chef or still finding your feet in the kitchen! Hungry for some inspiration? Grab a box of our Organic Porcini Mushroom Risotto. Follow the instructions on the box, swapping water for beet juice and vegetable stock to turn the risotto ruby red. Stir in some sautéed garlic and shallots. Then top with goat cheese, crème fraiche, and dill. Dill-lightful!

Risotto Stuffed Acorn Squash made with Lundberg Organic Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Risotto Stuffed Acorn Squash

For another festive spin on our Organic Porcini Mushroom Risotto, try serving it in baked acorn squash with a drizzle of brown butter and stout sauce on top. This recipe is “stuffed” with seasonal flavors. Literally. It’s a showstopping meal that tastes as good as it looks!

Organic Quinoa Stuffed Squash made with Lundberg Organic Tri-Color Blend Quinoa

Tri-Color Quinoa Stuffed Squash

Acorn squash also pairs perfectly with our Organic Tri-Color Blend Quinoa, and this recipe is #SquashGoals. While the squash roasts, sauté the quinoa with garlic, onion, and savory herbs. Then simmer with dried cranberries and vegetable stock. Once the squash is tender and golden, fill it with the fragrant quinoa mixture and garnish with toasted almonds and parsley. Delicious!

Lundberg Tri-Color Blend Quinoa and Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Quinoa & Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Craving another way to cook Lundberg quinoa? Try our take on twice-baked sweet potatoes with Organic Tri-Color Quinoa, crispy bacon, onions, and rosemary. This recipe is family-friendly, fuss-free, and full of fall flavors fit for a new family tradition.

Wild Blend with Apples Sausage and Butternut Squash made with Lundberg Organic Wild Blend Rice

Wild Blend with Apples & Butternut Squash

The rich color and full-bodied savory flavor of our Wild Blend Rice—an organic wild rice medley with organic black rice, long grain brown rice, sweet brown rice, and red rice—pair perfectly with sweet butternut squash, crisp Granny Smith apples, crunchy walnuts, and fresh herbs! Simply combine the cooked rice, baked squash, and sausage sautéed with onion and garlic. Fold in the apples and herbs, top with walnuts, bake, and broil. Wildly simple, wildly delicious!

If all else fails...

We know how busy the holidays can be! Sometimes you’d rather spend time on the couch than in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you want to compromise on quality or flavor. Well, we’ve got you covered with microwave rice that's ready in 90 seconds. For a holiday time hack, try using our Organic Short Grain Brown Bowl or our Organic Long Grain Brown Rice Bowl. Once cooked, add the rice to a large bowl with poultry seasoning, minced garlic, caramelized onion, a drizzle of olive oil, and freshly chopped parsley for a quick and easy holiday side. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us...


Old Fashioned Rice Pudding made with Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice

Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

Our family is sweet on this recipe for Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding! Unlike most rice puddings, it calls for Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, which is one of the few varieties we grew when CEO Grant Lundberg was a kid. During the holiday season, Grant’s mom would bake a little charm inside the rice pudding, and whoever found it hidden in their dish would win a prize! But the rice pudding itself—sprinkled with cardamom and served with whipped cream—was prize enough.

Pecan Tart made with Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Decadent Dark Chocolate Pecan Tart

Pumpkin may be the star of the season, but pecan always has a place at our table—especially when it comes with dark chocolate. Our secret ingredient? Lundberg Brown Rice Syrup! What is brown rice syrup, you ask? It’s an unexpectedly delicious solution if you’re searching for an organic, low-fructose sweetener. Simply bring it to a boil over a low heat with unsweetened cocoa, egg yolks, brown sugar, butter, and cream. Then add vanilla and pour over pecans arranged in your favorite pie crust.

Rice Apple Crisp made with Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice

Rice Apple Crisp

Gone apple picking? Enjoy the fruits of your harvest with sugar, spice, and organic brown rice for a whole grain, gluten-free twist on traditional apple pie! The trick to this recipe? Cooking Organic Short Grain Brown Rice in apple juice. While it simmers, throw some sliced apples, butter, and dark brown sugar into a saucepan and cook until softened. Pour everything into a bowl with lemon juice, brown rice syrup, and vanilla; sprinkle with a sweet, crumbly topping; and bake for 30 minutes, or until brown and bubbly!

Slice of Pumpkin Pie with Quinoa Crust made with Lundberg Organic Tri-Color Blend Quinoa

Pumpkin Pie with Quinoa Pie Crust

For a gluten-free take on a holiday classic that everyone can enjoy, try using our Organic Tri-Color Blend Quinoa to make a creative crust for pumpkin pie! Plus, we think this whole-grain, healthier-for-you swap means you can skip the guilt and go back for seconds.


Holiday Leftovers on Lundberg Organic Wild Blend Rice

Go Wild

Our Wild Blend Rice is right at home on your holiday table—or under your holiday leftovers! We recommend making a big batch to serve in our recipes for Fall Wild Blend Salad and Wild Blend with Apples & Butternut Squash. But make sure you save some to top with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce! Pressed for time? Swap Wild Blend for our Heat & Eat Organic Countrywild Rice Bowl. This microwavable rice can be ready in 90 seconds! Doesn’t that taste good?


Check out our Recipes page and be sure to follow the farm on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for real-time inspiration! Have a recipe of your own to share? Tag us! We would love to see what’s on your plate.

Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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