We think there’s nothing more beautiful than looking at our rice fields. And nothing more inspiring than knowing our farming methods nourish, conserve and innovate for a healthier world, for generations of families to come.

In Partnership with Nature

In addition to everyone in the Lundberg Family—employees, family, friends and community members—our network of 40 growers and countless retail partners shares our vision of leaving the land better than we found it.

Together, we’ve pioneered ways that our farming and our food can forge a more sustainable path forward:

We farm, dry, store, mill, manufacture, market and distribute our 168 certified-organic, non-GMO products. In other words, we stand behind every grain, every step of the way.

Soil health is paramount, affecting decisions about how we cultivate and harvest as well as what we do between growing seasons, from planting cover crops to flooding fields.

In 2017, when China stopped accepting most of the world’s recyclables, we re-committed to our remarkable recycling track record and created all-new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sustainability questions? Check out our FAQ.

Sustainability by the numbers: 2021

Doing What’s Right. Making it Count.

The choices we collectively make—as food producers, business partners and families—create positive change.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to impact the world around us, and we know that everything we’ve done to date is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come.

  • We collect, divert, reuse and recycle 99.7% of what would otherwise enter the waste stream.
  • The average American generates 1,540 pounds of waste per year. Our entire company’s landfill use is equal to the waste generated by just 51 average Americans per year (about the size of a Lundberg family reunion).
  • Our manufacturing facility is fueled by 100% renewable solar and wind energy.
  • 30% of our packaging is post-consumer content, and all raw materials are sourced responsibly.

Our Commitment to Zero Waste

We’re farmers, not status-seekers. But we’re still proud of achieving Platinum TRUE Zero Waste certification! We collect, sort, reuse, and recycle just about everything on-site—99.7% to be exact—from packaging to scrap metal to uniforms (which are broken down and used as insulation in vehicles). It’s all part of our promise to “leave the land better than we found it” so we can keep growing together for generations to come. Follow the link below for more info about our TRUE Zero Waste certification

True Zero Waste Platinum

"Leave the land better than you found it."

Albert Lundberg