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It starts with a single

Grain of Truth.

The truth that rice is goodness. And the way you plant, grow, harvest and share it can make a true difference. It’s the grain that welcomes so many families to the table. And a heritage that preserves the planet we call home.

Delicious is only
the beginning.

Rice, sides, and snacks. All made with Mother Nature in mind. Because delicious is only the beginning.

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Better for You & the Planet

Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Whole Grain, Vegan

“Leave the land better than you found it.”

—Grandpa Albert

For four generations, our family has been growing rice together in Northern California. We nourish the soil so it can nourish us, share our fields with hundreds of species who call them home, and treat every farmer like a member of our family.

Deli­cious­ly Craft­ed. Respon­si­bly Grown.

We’ve got some­thing for every­one. What are YOU craving?

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Best. Rice. Ever.

"Best. Rice. Ever. Have been enjoying Lundberg rice blends for at least a dozen years. Wild Blend is my favorite. Buying directly from Lundberg was easy, fast and I didn’t have to worry about the rice being old and I could get the larger 4lb pack rather than the tiny packages from the store that are gone in a meal or two. Thank you Lundberg Family!!"

—Nancy C.

Better for You

“Brown Rice Cakes!! LOVE LOVE them - rice cakes are good for me because I need to avoid breads, and BROWN rice is better for you. Plus, to me, they taste much better, are always crispy, etc. . . . I just ordered a case to be sure I had some on hand. Great item -highly recommend it!!”

—Jane H.

Taste the Difference

“Why would anyone eat any other rice? The Lundberg family grows beautiful, organic rice here in the US. The rices and products they make from rice such as rice cakes are so superior to all others, I would never think of consuming any other rices. You really need to taste the difference.”

—Cynthia C.

From Our Family’s Kitchen.

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Bryce Lundberg checks the rice.

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