We work to make every bite of our grains absolutely delicious. But at Lundberg Family Farms, there’s more to food than flavor. Our focus on organic, non-GMO and diverse grains helps create a food system that doesn’t drain our earth’s resources, and that puts meals on your table that are the highest quality in every way.

A Globe-Trotting Menu

We offer more than 150 different ways to enjoy grains.

We love to find new, innovative ways to satisfy an appetite for the wholesome goodness of rice. And we feed a curiosity for varieties from around the world, introducing new flavors such as our Black Pearl Rice and inventing new ways to enjoy global recipes like our Coconut Rice.

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An over-head shot of a table filled with food and surrounded by hungry family members.

Family Favorite Recipes

From our very first California rice harvest, we established a tradition of providing top-quality foods that we’re proud to feed our own families. Over the years, we’ve collected, tested and perfected recipes that have pleased our toughest critics: Everyone who gathers at the dinner table.

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