At Lundberg Family Farms, we take snack time seriously. Because we know there’s so much more to snacking than soothing a craving (or a growling stomach). You’re not just feeding yourself or your family today—you’re cultivating healthy habits for tomorrow.

So we commissioned a survey of 2,000 U.S. residents to better understand snacking. And the results may surprise you!

Snack Attack

We’ve all been there. Missed breakfast to make a mid-morning meeting or skipped lunch to work through the afternoon only to be interrupted by a rumbly tummy, a sweet tooth, or a hankering for something salty. Perhaps you snack on a schedule or prefer to graze all day.

Snack attacks can strike at any time!

In fact, snacks are a must for 83% of people who admitted they have at least two snacks a day aside from eating other meals. Some snackers simply go with the flow and follow their cravings, while others crave like clockwork.

Afternoon Snack with Rice Cake Minis

Forty-one percent said their cravings kick in around mid-afternoon, while 19% typically look for a treat after dinner. When it comes to nighttime snacking, Americans say that eating healthy during the day gives them permission to overindulge in unhealthy food after hours—and our study suggests they do so on average three times per week!

But snacking isn’t always defined by dinnertime—or any other meal for that matter. According to our survey, 69% prefer to snack throughout the day instead of eating full meals. And 65% said they feel guilty for turning to treats throughout the day.

Numbers not your strong suit? Let us break it down for you: Snacks are a fact of life.

So why does healthy snacking feel like a snackrifice?


Most people—79% according to our survey—agree that healthy snacking is better than no snacking at all. But more than half said they struggle with choosing nutritious treats (56%). Three in four say they're trying to make healthier choices by paying attention to nutritional facts and product health claims when shopping for snacks. Still, 62% feel they always sacrifice taste over nutritional value when it comes to healthy snacks.

But here’s a grain of truth: Taste and nutrition don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

“While the data show that Americans struggle with finding healthy snacks that also taste good, taste and nutrition don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” says Matt Slem, our very own culinary scientist and resident rice expert. “Choosing the right snack means you can see the benefits of healthy eating, such as maintaining your energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day, without having to sacrifice taste.”

In other words: You can have your cake and eat it too when you choose snacks that nourish your taste buds and your body, like whole grain, organic brown rice cakes topped with your favorite fixings, covered in chocolate, or tumbled in sweet and salty flavors like buffalo ranch, white cheddar, or apple pie.

Isn’t that delicious? After all, taste is one of the top reasons why we snack!

Snack Factors

  1. Soothes cravings (50%)
  2. Taste (40%)
  3. Convenience (38%)
  4. Variety (37%)
  5. On-the-go (34%)

Sweet or Salty?

Survey says! Thirty-five percent can’t resist satisfying their sweet tooth—while another 30% agree that a salty snack hits the spot.

Snack Hacks

Whatever your taste—here are some tried and true snack hacks!

Feeling hungry?

Fifty-six percent fill up on fresh fruit, 48% reach for cheese, and 45% opt for nuts.

Craving flavor?

Respondents reported incorporating cheese or maple (39%) into their snack while others enhance natural flavors by roasting citrus or adding salt to fruit (35%).

Stock up!

Thirty-four percent of snack lovers noted they never run out of snacks because they buy in bulk. And they’re good at hiding them, too! More than a third of respondents admitted to stashing snacks they don’t want to share atop cabinets (36%) or in closets (34%).

When they are in the mood to share, snackers are most likely to split portions with their significant other (53%), their children (48%), or friends (38%).

Hungry for more?

We’ve got a few snack hacks of our own…

Rice Cake Animals


At Lundberg Family Farms, we’re all about families. From families farming together to families cooking snacking together. Want to get everyone involved? Make snack time un-bear-ably delicious and deliciously fun! Just grab a bag of Rice Cakes and some tasty toppings, like nut butter and bananas. Then let your imagination go wild!

Mini Moments

Mini Moments

Love ricotta toast? Don’t wait for brunch. Have a mini moment with this sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy bite-sized snack. Simply top Rice Cake Minis with strawberries and mint, pistachios and honey, or peaches and basil for a taste of the weekend any day of the week. Yum!

Thin Stackers Crostini
Recipe from Shelly Westerhausen of Vegetarian Ventures.

Rice Cake Crostini

You say tomato, we say… time for crostini! For a simple snack that will transport you to Italy without ever leaving the table, top Thin Stackers with cherry tomatoes, stone fruit, basil, and a drizzle of whipped feta. Buon appetito!

After School Snack with Minis

Something Sweet

We’re sweet on this afternoon snack! Simply dip Rice Cake Minis in chocolate and top with caramel, crushed walnuts, marshmallows, and more for a whole grain treat to keep everyone (including you!) full until dinner time.

Baba Ghanoush with Rice Chips

Brown Rice & Baba Ghanoush

Name a better duo. The nutty flavor of brown rice and sesame seeds pairs perfectly with the eggplant, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice in this recipe for homemade baba ghanoush. Go ahead—chip, dip, and skip the guilt!

Charcuterie with Lundberg Organic White Cheddar Rice Cake Minis

Say Cheese!

Our White Cheddar Rice Cake Minis add whole-grain, savory flavor to your favorite charcuterie board pairings. Plus, they’re organic, gluten-free, and crafted from seed to smile for lip-smacking, fun snacking.

Rice Cake Pizzas

Mama Mia, Rice Cake Pizza!

The secret to easy-peasy personal pizzas? Rice cakes! Just top with tomato sauce and your favorite fixings for a whole grain snack to please even the pickiest eaters. Doesn’t that taste good?
Energy Bombs with Rice Cakes

Energy Bombs

We could ALL use an energy boost these days. Good news: Crumbled Rice Cakes make for no-bake, protein-packed energy bombs to help you power through the day. Trust us, this recipe is… well, bomb.

Sweet and Savory Dips with Rice Cake Minis

Dip Into Something Delicious!

From Homemade Hummus to Strawberry Banana Apple Pie Cheesecake Dip or Artichoke Jalapeno DipOrganic Rice Cake Minis and Rice Chips add whole grain crunch to whatever you’re craving. Savory, sweet, or spicy!

Vegan Rice Cakes

Get Creative

Rice Cakes are the perfect canvas for your creations! Cover them with vegan chocolate spread, smashed purple sweet potato, or cashew cheese and add your favorite toppings for a flavorful snack rich in antioxidants, protein, and creativity.⁠


The options are endless. Because whether you reach for Rice Cakes, Rice Cake Minis, Thin Stackers, Chocolate Thin Stackers, or Rice Chips—they’re carefully crafted from seed to smile using rice developed in our nursery and nurtured in our fields. Each one is whole grain, gluten-free, and good from the grain up. So you can pile on your favorite toppings, dip into something delicious, or enjoy them straight out of the bag.

No snackrifices needed!